Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Dear JJ,

When I met your mother she was a TV producer. A lady who made it to the top in a world where almost everyone wants to be a star, on television, or have a show. She had syndicated several successful television shows, could spot talent a mile away, and had to fend off an endless supply of  people who had "an idea" or "a pitch."

Before I met your mom, if you ask anyone who worked with her they would have said the last thing she would be was a mom - even if you ask her mom.

While people don't change, son, there is one truth - in our finite capacity as human beings, there is more than can be expressed.

What was inside your mom, but not expressed -- a great mom.

Sometimes when I come home you two don't hear me walking in the door- and I see the two of you playing outside: what I see is pure joy- on you and your mom's face. Your mom loves you, loves being a mom - and feels amazingly fortunate to be so.

Seeing your mom in action, knowing how hard it is to keep up with a 2.8 year old, made me appreciate more my mom. I think back to the many times my mom would make food for the school class, play with us, help us- and now as a grandmother, sees her grandson and smiles - no doubt thinking back to those days.  When my mom first met you she held you easily, put a pacifier in your mouth - and your mom said, "like riding a bike,  you never forget how to be a mom."

You are lucky, JJ - you have a great mom. I am lucky to have a great mom - oh, and your mom's mom - Gigi - well, it is hard to describe what an amazing person she is.

To mom's everywhere - I have a great respect for them - but to your mom, JJ, and mine, and your mom's - well- you are lucky, we both are.


Your first ride on a see-saw with your Mom - in France

She taught you how to say "cheers"

She taught you to love snow

And Grandma and Grandpa Simpson's waiting patiently for dinner

Seeing new animals at the zoo

She won't toss you away, but she will toss you in the pool

You love her

She will take you for a ride in Hawaii
With Grandma and Grandpa Simpson - not always easy this life

And you can't wait for her to get back, so you try to get her
Your own Gigi - 
Playing on the beach in Alaska
And building - always building

Mother's Day Dinner - with our best