Sunday, April 28, 2013


Dear JJ,

Nature continues to attract your attention. This last week the stingrays were more interesting than the dolphins- although every morning we got up you looked outside the window and said, "Look at the dolphins, daddy."

You are getting bigger, learning more words - sadly, you have learned "no," but we expected that. But you have quite a sense of humor. When you find something that makes someone laugh you repeat it and then giggle.

Travel with you is easy, son. I am just happy that I get this time to see you travel around the world and watch the world see what a wonderful young man you are.



Swimming is still one of your favorite activities

Noodles your favorite dishes

Nothing like mom on the beach

You are ready to surf- what are these people taking so long
The Captain is ready to go

Finding a toy store in LAX on our way home- priceless