Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Year Old!

Dear JJ,

I know you won't remember being one year old- but your parents sure will. Because it was one year ago that you came into our lives, and our lives were forever changed for the better.  Never imagined how much fun you would be, never imagined the true joy we have with you, and the feeling of being a parent.  In fact, until I met you I didn't know the meaning of "awesome." Now I do.

Your mom and I met because of a dinner invitation to Debbie and Barry Frangipane's home in Tampa. Debbie came in town today to meet you for the first time- and it was a lot of love that just grew instantly. Fitting that the person who made possible your mom and I meeting is here to celebrate with us.

We had a nice little party for you in Canada - so we won't repeat the cake on your face- but your om and I are enjoying the best year of our life.

Thank you son - you have taught me a lot- what "awesome" means, what it is to be a father, you gave me that "inside" knowledge of that special club of "dads."

One year ago, after you were born at 4:10, your mom and I spent the entire night up just watching you. Now we want to spend the rest of our lives watching you grow - and someday, I hope to be there when you become a dad- because as I learned from my dad -- you brought to our lives "fountains of love."

Love, an ever grateful


Son, you have given me more than I have ever received