Monday, May 24, 2010

It was that good

Dear JJ,

Yesterday was your dad's 53rd birthday. Your mom and I flew to Oregon where my mom made me dinner.

My mom, your grandmother, is a great cook - and yesterday I remembered how great a cook she was.

While her vision isn't what it use to be, she was the usual mistress of the kitchen and made a wonderful dinner of pork roast, asparagus, roasted potatoes --- and gravy.

Mom made some great gravy and as she was pouring it into the gravy bowl she spilled a bit. I got a napkin to wipe it up and she said, "no, its too good." She used a rubber spatula and put the gravy into the bowl. Mom's counter tops are clean- I mean, clean. But I was a bit squeemish.

We sat down- blessed the meal - and the gravy was amazing. Your grandmother's gravy is so good, if it had fallen onto the floor I would have used a squeegee to gather it up and eat it.

So, son -- I look forward to you meeting your grandmother-- and you should look forward to her gravy. Oh, and your granddad -- well, your mom says I have the same sense of humor (which will no doubt be passed on to you). Yup-- you've got some pretty neat grandparents