Thursday, May 13, 2010

The important things

Dear JJ,

So your mom and I went to a store called "Babies R Us." We were looking for a crib, that will someday be your bed. We also looked at everything else in there-- and then I came across gliders.

Gliders are like rocking chairs, but can go back a bit. So I sat in them, and tried a number of them out. The one I liked was comfortable and yet it was the ugliest of them all.

But here is the thing- when you wake up at night- well - I will put you on my shoulder, and rock you to sleep - and maybe me too. So ugly doesn't count when comfort is involved.

It is like a lot of things. I had kind of a bad week- and some work things were on my mind a lot. But when I came home and your mom showed me her belly with you wiggling all over-- well, it made me smile.

Life is like that -- might be ugly, but with some love and the perspective it can be comfortable.

Perspective- and son, you have given me the best perspective of all.