Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Three of Us

Dear JJ,

Shortly after you were born, I was as nervous as a new dad could be. But over to our house came Evo and Sheila. They also had a son, knew what I was going through, and put your mom and I at ease. When I wondered if what I was feeling as a dad was normal, Evo would be there with a word to encourage and reassure me.

Once your mom had to go away for an assignment and I was seeking someone to help watch you, Sheila was the first to volunteer.

Whenever they came over, you always wanted to play with Aunti Sheila, and she wanted to play with you.

They have always been good with you, because they have a son, NJ, who is now grown up and on his own. For a long time it was the three of them, much like we have the three of us.

At every stage of your life,  they have always quietly encouraged us about being parents of a boy, because they had been through it before.

Now they are gone to Europe, and later to other places. But the hardest thing for them, is their 21 year old son who is still here. They miss their friends, they don't miss Phoenix, but mostly they miss their son, NJ -- a nice young man.

Someday son, maybe your mom and I may be off to some adventure and leave you behind  (maybe when you are 30).  I can only imagine the heartache that Evo and Sheila  are going through with this. It is a part of life- we miss Evo and Sheila  greatly, but I know what will bring them back here is their son.

For them, like us,  in their hearts- even though their son is grown, it is "the three of us."


Uncle Evo and Aunti Sheila 
JJ between Auntie Sheila and Uncle Evo- helping play Cards Against Humanity