Friday, January 30, 2015

Confessions of a Foodie Dad

Having a few friends over I cooked....
Dear JJ,

While I am proud when you tell me that you want "sous vide steak," I do have a confession or two for you.

You see, sometimes when your mom is away on business, and it is just you and I - I feed you what we call "junk food."

Yes- your dad has blogs where he talks about cooking at home, I have recipes, your mom has made videos of you and I together in the kitchen.  I preach healthy eating - but sometimes, it is just pizza.

Being a dad means that sometimes we see reality a bit better. And before I was a dad I might give a jaundice eye to someone who told me they fed their kids pizza, or chicken nuggets. Reality is a funny universe.

Here is the truth: you are growing up healthy, with appropriate height and weight. You take your time eating, and you are a good kid.

Still- some of my favorite moments with you are in the kitchen (and I confess, some of my others are when we sit in McDonald's).

Perhaps when you have a son you will have strict rules about eating - but I hope not. Nothing like good junk food to feed the soul.



In the kitchen with you (we don't want those photos of pizza around).