Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Watching Parents Age

Dear JJ,

I've been lucky that my parents, your grandparents, are still here. But the hard part is seeing them age. If you are lucky, you will see this happen to your mom and I.

While the hearing gets worse, the eyesight more dim, and difficulty negotiating around what I've noticed is the smiles get larger when they see us and no matter how tired they are they always love to hear about their grandson.

Your grandmother goes out every day to tend to her garden, and works until she is tired - she has done this my entire life. It is harder for her now, she gets more tired - but the beauty of the yard is a testament to her love of gardening.

Your grandfather got a hernia several years ago after lifting multiple 20 pound bags of cement to build a fencepost. Two years ago we all went to Europe to chase him around England and France.

We cannot help growing older - just as you get taller and stronger, there comes a point in life when things don't work as well, and it is easy to get tired.

I just hope that I learn from my parents to smile bigger, laugh more, and enjoy family as the best treasure of life- and as you grow older will learn to grow with the grace and smiles we already see in you.

Your old Dad

Your Grandparents in 1991

We meet them at their favorite restaurant for coffee - this was April 2014

And here the three generations - lucky we have you