Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Joy of A Little Boy

Dear JJ,

I never knew how much joy you would bring into my life - but every time I think of you - every photo that your mom shares with me- every time I come home and see you - it melts my heart.

You've changed a bit since you were born -  you use to wake up at 5 am and that would be our time. Now you sleep in with your mom.

You no longer use diapers - and I never realized how freeing that is, but it is great.

We don't need the stroller - and that is great because it saves on travel. Although that stroller was a faithful companion on three continents.

But you still love mommy and daddy, and Lucky - and GiGi, Papa, Uncle Peter, Aunti Kim, Uncle Bob, and Grandma and Grandpa Simpson.  Plus a few assorted aunties and uncles that you have no idea they are not related to us- but to you they are.

Every night when I put you to bed, before you go to sleep you always say, "I love you, daddy."

Does anyone have more riches than that?



Finding the water puddles in the park