Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bye bye stroller

Dear JJ,

Now we say goodbye to your stroller. It has been with you for over 150,000 miles - been the occasional place to nap, your safe place while your mom and I whizzed around the globe with you, and a great place to keep lots of things- not only for you but for us.

It wasn't your first stroller - and it was probably was one of our least expensive. But on our last trip to Mexico we didn't use the stroller once.  You walked with us everywhere- stayed awake with us for dinner and didn't use it.

I hate to give the thing up - it held you safe and close for three and a half years. It is another symbol of you growing up - and that is ok. I guess my job is to make sure that I keep holding you safe and close - and that is my favorite job in the world

Here you are resting in our trip to my hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska

You were in some great restaurants with this stroller. Endured an 18 course dinner with us at Graham Elliots in Chicago

Even though you were in a stroller, you always loved holding dad's hand. Here grandpa is pushing you through the streets of Tianjin in China

From the stroller you saw the world

And you were always ready to say "cheers"