Thursday, January 30, 2014

What I want you to be

Two Buddies together again
Dear JJ,

I had to spend a few days in Alaska doing some work, and when I met you at the airport I had the biggest hug I've ever had. You running across yelling "Daddy, daddy, daddy." Your mom took this photo of us.

Shortly after someone asked what I would like you to be: a doctor, writer, cook, or something else.

I just want you to someday be a dad, because if you can be a dad and feel the joy that I have felt being one, then you will get an idea about how much love a father can have.

It took me 52 years before I met your mom, and we decided to have you - and it remains the best decision of my life. And being a dad - that is the best job I have.

Thank you for the hugs son - even on my worst day they make that day the best.