Monday, January 6, 2014

Favorite Moment in Golf

The weekend before Cabo- 

Getting ready to be Santa

Playing golf with daddy in Cabo
Dear JJ,

Yesterday on the 18th Fairway you and your mom came to see us- in the golf cart.  You came running onto the green and asked if you could play golf with me.
As I was getting ready to hit a long four wood you said "You can do it, daddy!"
I shot an 82 on Phoenix Country Club's golf course - best score in a few years. But better than the score, is having you come out and encourage me.

Here is a funny thing: from the day that you were born my golf game has not been the same. When I am on the course I think about you- since you were a little baby even til now. Although now when I think of you there is often your favorite song going through my head -- this time it is "Royals"



And here are a few photos from our time over the last month

You still love helping us in the kitchen - here testing the ingredients - always taste

With your favorite aunti, Kim on Christmas

A nap on Christmas day in Cabo

Future star

Going up the long hill to putt in Cabo