Saturday, October 26, 2013

Picking you up

Dear JJ,

Today we had "Dad day" in pre-school.  We made some art for mom, played in the fake kitchen, read stories, had a snack, and played in the playground.

It was a great day but two things stood out.  One is minor- I was the oldest dad there - and even the grandfather who came in was younger than I was.  That is minor but it made the other more important.

When we went to the playground, and running around you fell down and skinned your knees.  You cried and came to me to pick you up. Holding you and making you feel better is one of the best things a dad can do.

My dad, your grandpa, is 89 years old.  Recently he found out something that happened that bothered me at work. He asked me why I didn't tell him about it.  Not that there was anything he could do, but he is still a dad, and wants to be there to make his son feel comfortable.

But I realized, in ten years I may not be welcome to come to your school, and when you get hurt you may not feel comfortable coming to dad- but I hope that you do.  Because no matter what age- this dad always wants to be there for you, to comfort you.

I love you son,

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