Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy You're Better

Dear JJ,

It started out with the miserable flu we shared in November.  We suffered through it, and both had lingering coughs - but your mom was worried about yours.

Then last week you started getting congested, coughing more, and more, and waking up coughing. You developed a fever, one time to over 101.7, and when you get sick you stop being a two year old with a lot of energy, and like to lay on the couch and watch TV (or act more like your father than your mother).

When we took you to the pediatrician for a Saturday appointment you have no idea how many bad thoughts went through my head. Antibiotics started with a shot, and continue with medicine.

Last night you had a good night, waking up only once with a cough.  Your eyes started to regain their sparkle yesterday afternoon - and you even convinced me to get in the bathtub with you, where you discovered you could splash your dad and laugh.

I'm so happy you are better son. So happy.