Monday, February 4, 2013

Daycare: Its ok to wait

Overlooking Anchorage from the Captain Cook Hotel - goodnight moon

JJ loves whales
Dear JJ,

While in Anchorage your mom and I had to both work, so we were lucky to get a spot in the Daycare on the campus of SouthCentral Foundation. You cried when you realized we were leaving.

I had some staff check on you, and you were doing just fine when we left.  The daycare lady said that when you got your milk you raised your glass and said, "Cheers!"

When we got back you cried when you saw us.

The next day, it was the same thing.

I kept thinking-that in two and a half years and you have been able to spend all your time with family, and now were starting to be watched over by others. My little boy. It stressed me.

On the last day we asked you, "Do you want to go to the Daycare?"

You said, "No."

I smiled. You are growing up, son - but its ok to slow down a bit. I'll take time to watch you if your mom can't.



Oh- you and I spent an afternoon at the park down the street. You got to pet three dogs, collect an armful of pinecones, make a pile for the sticks, and got your dad to go down the slide with you.
Climbing up without fear

Loving the slide coming down

That last step makes me tingle

And best of all you wanted daddy to come slide with you