Monday, November 5, 2012

The Crib

Dear JJ,

The crib is gone- and in its place is a regular bed - a twin bed.
What I like is that now I can lay down with you and tell you stories or sing as you go to sleep. It makes bedtime a lot easier. Before you would fall asleep in the big chair and we would have to put you into this crib. But now the crib is gone.
I've loved every minute of you. Some say that time just goes by too fast - and maybe it does. I'm just glad for every minute that I get to watch you grow.
Bye Bye Crib-

Love, Dad

You call yourself Doctor JJ

Your favorite dish - Pasta

A bear invaded Phoenix Country Club- your first trick or treat

You and your beautiful mom in San Francisco 
But no matter what- always good to get home and see Lucky