Friday, December 2, 2011

Uncle Jimmy

Dear JJ,

Your uncle Jimmy would have been 60 years old today - he died in 2006 from lung cancer.  You were named after him.  Jimmy never had children - he had a cancer early in life that took away that ability, but he loved kids - -and was known to play endlessly with them, even when he didn't have the energy to do so.

I miss your uncle greatly. But in you I see a lot of him. You have that grin that you flash when you know you are getting away with something- the same smile my brother had - in fact, he wore that smile almost all the time. You are very social - even at this age- and Jimmy knew everyone. Most of the people at his memorial service knew him since he was a kid in Ketchikan.

So- here are a few photographs of your uncle, some when he was a little boy.

He was a good man- and not too many things make your daddy cry- but missing him, and seeing you are two of them.

James Erick Simpson 12/2/1951 - 12/7/2006  RIP



Jimmy's High School Photo

Mom holding Jimmy, brother Ron

The three boys- Jimmy on the right

In Ketchikan- Jimmy loved Christmas

Ron and his little brother Jimmy

After Jimmy died I asked my friend Jim Hunt to do a cartoon for us

Terry, Ron, Jimmy - a long time ago

One of the last photos of Jimmy taken in November 2006

Suffering from cancer, losing weight- still ready to eat

Jimmy's famous dog, Judas -

Jimmy, wife Bev, and my dad

Jimmy - on a beach - and now forever in our hearts