Friday, August 19, 2011

Walking and Running

Dear JJ,

Little by little you went from crawling, to pulling up, and now you are walking- and running! Still a bit wobbly- still walk like a drunken sailor, but you have gone from preferring to crawl to preferring to walk- and if I chase you then you run, and laugh. The best part is when you walk next to me you like grabbing my hand and holding it.

Still the traveler - with over 40,000 miles - you have gone from an infant to a toddler- with more mobility in the seats.  So much so we opened a new blog .

In my clinic the other day a patient brought her son- we spent some time chatting about our children- and one thing I never new before I met you - I really like kids.

Son, you have opened the hearts of your mom and I. Our life is so much better because you are in it.



Standing like the big boy you are playing leggos

Mr. JJ at Le Pigeon in Portland, OR

Grandma wants to make sure you are ok

The windows are interesting

Big Jets - for our frequent flier