Monday, October 3, 2016

Wait- You're Six?

I still love our weekly milkshakes!

School Uniform - ready for Kindergarten
Dear JJ,

It hit me the other day as I was going through my computer and you were asking for some attention. You are six. Already you are six. Not five, you are in Kindergarten, and I was looking at my computer instead of spending time with you.

It is so easy to do - so easy to do something else besides be with you.

Here is the thing: whatever I was looking at, some quip on social media or some interaction with someone I have never met - I have so much time with you.  Social media is fine- I have real life here.

So much has happened - so I've put it in pictures.

I love you son,

Every Thursday is still Daddy's Day when I get to bring you to school. Here you are waiting in the cafeteria with your class

Pretty handsome with your backpack

We get to spend time with my dad - here was his 92nd birthday. You wanted to help him blow out the candle

Mom may have dementia, but she knows who you are

You bring joy to my parents - every time.

School requires a haircut- your mom was watching to make sure it wasn't cut too close.  More traumatic for her
You say you love Halloween, but were pretty afraid to stand by this guy - so we brought him  home. You love to scare mom.
Post haircut - you look pretty sharp!