Monday, February 22, 2016

In Dementia You Brighten Her Day

Dear JJ,

I don't know how much you will remember Grandma Simpson, my mom.  Sadly she is sliding more into dementia, having more difficulty even knowing where she is.

The decision to move her to a memory care center and away from her husband, my dad, of 67 years is hard to imagine. But she needs the extra care, and my father who has been faithfully taking care of her most personal needs has to have a break.

But one thing brightens her day - and that is you.

On Valentine's Day we went there to see her, and even though she had been in a wheelchair and sleeping, she saw you and smiled. Remarked about your curly hair. And sprung out of her chair to walk us out to the car when we went home - with a spring in her step.

You are her only grandchild. And even when she was in the hospital a few weeks ago after falling and breaking her wrist she was happy to hear that Grandpa Simpson was at our house with you. She said, "Oh, he needs some more grandpa time."

You make all of our lives happier, son.  You have no idea.
Six Years Ago Mom and Dad Frame Our Wedding
Even though her mind is going, she still has one of the finest palates I have known - skeptical about a glass of Silver Oak - she did like it ultimately 

Mom enjoying a rare glass of wine at our house