Wednesday, August 12, 2015

To hear your voice

Dear JJ,

When you first giggled, as an infant - your mom and I smiled. I remember thinking - if I were to die, and want to have the last pleasant though, it would be to replay that giggle in my mind. It makes me smile.

My mom, grandma Simpson, isn't doing well. At 87 she doesn't have much time left. In some of her bad moments she will call "just to hear your voice." I'm her son, her little boy, and yet one of the things she just wants to hear is my voice.

It doesn't change. When I am not around you, and I call, sometimes I just want to hear your voice. And I suspect, if I know I am closing my eyes for the last time on earth, I will think of your voice and I will smile.


Running to see me at the airport, "Daddy."
Jumping at Jump City - getting wiggles out and laughing