Monday, July 15, 2013

Home soon

Dear JJ,

Whenever I am away, or you are away - I miss you.

I recall this from the first Sunday I played golf after  you were born. The entire round of golf I thought of my son. The day after you were born I had a couple of operations scheduled - the patients said they had never seen me smile so much - and even though I had spent the entire night after you were born just watching you, I didn't have a tired bone in my body, and couldn't get rid of the smile on my face.

Your third birthday is coming up soon, son. I am glad you will be with me to celebrate it.

Being a dad - it is the greatest club I have ever belonged to.  Oh- and I miss your mom too - without her there would be no you, and no us - and your mom is amazing. Someday you will see that before you she had this amazing life in something called TV - being an executive producer.  But she loves being a mom - and no one of her friends or family would have believed it.

Ok, come home soon and safe - Lucky and I miss you guys.


Your dad loves  holding your hand.