Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daddy Put to bed

Dear JJ,

Your bedtime routine is fairly set.  About 8 pm you are ready for bed, and when this happens we ask you who do you want to put you to bed. Your answer:

"Daddy put to bed"

We got rid of the cribs months ago, so you lay down, take your bottle of milk, hold your blanket (you call it a beega), and ask me to tell you a story.

Sometimes you want me to sing you the whale song- where I go through all the members of the family. But mostly you like a story.

You like a few lights on, that show the stars in the sky. If they go out before you go to sleep you want them put back on.

But after one bottle of milk, you usually try to sleep- but it always ends up another bottle.

Then, you hand me the bottle, turn over, and after a while fall asleep.

If I'm tired I usually fall asleep too.  Sometimes I fall asleep before you, but you wake me up. Sometimes I wake up snoring.

Once you are asleep, I sneak off.

But sometimes we put you to bed a bit early. You aren't satisfied, and thrash a bit and your mom comes to the rescue. Putting you in the chair, rocking you to sleep.

We know someday soon you will put yourself to bed. For now, we like you feeling safe. It is still a nice time of the day- drifting off to sleep, waiting for a new day.



A snack before bedtime. You sometimes like the counter instead of your chair
I think you just took the cherry from my Manhattan