Friday, September 30, 2011

Aunti Lori

Dear JJ,

The firs person to visit you in the hospital was Lori Moreno - a good friend to your mom and I.When your mom and I got married, Lori came.

I met Lori on Twitter, as I did your mom, and some other wonderful friends.

Today is a tough day for your aunti Lori- because her husband died last night. They had a love story, like your mom and I.  Married for over 25 years, traveling the world together- she always spoke about him in wonderful glowing terms.  He had been ill - and while death can be a wonderful release from infirmity, I know that she will miss him greatly.

But one thing always makes Lori smile- and that is her nephew JJ. So today when you smile- those smiles will be for your Aunti Lori- who selflessly spreads love throughout the internet and life - and today needs it from all of us.
Reaching through the internet to give Lori a smile